5 rules to build online awareness

It’s generally accepted that getting your domain name on as many websites as possible helps build traffic to your site. But how many amateur web developers truly understand the concept of reciprocal linking? Comments forms on popular websites used to be thought of as a quick and easy way of getting a link from a […]

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The Long-Tailed Customer

Ok so Rolf Harris I ‘aint. But when I was asked to explain why you might not want to spend a fortune and invest huge amounts of time in PPC and SEO I remembered an article I read on the web a few years ago. The author (apologies for not remembering your name if you […]

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Are you listening?

You need to be. So apart from having an excuse to have a picture of Dolores O’Riordan on my blog why am I asking if you’re listening? Have you ever heard of ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing? Of course you have. It’s where a customer tells a friend, colleague or family member about a great experience they’ve had […]

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